Saturday, 16 July 2011

#22 Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling on Oprah Chicago Flashmob 24th

Hallow all!! today I've found a video from YouTube. It is not the song that I am talking about, but, you just look at the dance. The dance is what I care about. I bet, you will say,"It was a great!" and "It was amazing!". 

p/s:before you play this video on, please stop the background music of my the bottom part of my blog..TQ :)

 Present to you :

so, how???I can't imagine if I were one of the dancers, being there..
ramai giler beb....I can't think of how they managed to perform a great dance together in that scale of people...

that is what I am trying to show in this video...
for me, it is interesting..
and, it couldn't happen in Malaysia...hehehee...



shida said...

yeah..agreed bot da dancing part..ho3~~~
jmput sggah blog shida..tq

MUN said...

yeah..we got the same thought..(the dancing part)...ok...already