Wednesday, 16 August 2017

#187 The unsung hero


Why is it so hard to control our emotions? Kadang merajuk hati, org tak tau pon. Pity you dear heart ; the unsung hero-in  

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

#186 heart


There is a heart that i need to take care of.

I'm sorry. 

#185 ABC


Tau tak perempuan ni bila dia tengah ABC, semua benda jadi take kena. Kau jangan nak cakap die mengade. Semua benda jadi tak kena sebab die tak sihat. Sakit perut, sakit kaki, sakit tangan, sakit macam2 lagi. Dah macam demam. Pastu dengan rimas nye lagi. Moody tu bukan sebab die mengade. Sebab die sakit la die jadi moody. Untung lah perempua. Yg takde kene masalah2 sakit sana sini waktu ABC ni. Macam aku zaman sekolah dulu. Relax je time ABC. Tapi sekarang bila masjk umur 20an macam2 sakit. Kadang tak larat nak bangun. Sembuhkanlah ya Allah. Aamiin.

*ABC - Allah bagi cuti 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

#184 the real life of me


It was January 15th 2016 when I wrote my previous entry. I am not very sure about the reason I stopped writing here. Maybe because of no reason. hahaaa 😂 Now I thank Allah that He gives me the courage to get my fingers dancing here again after a long holiday. 

Now that I think about it again, I actually stopped writing here before because I don't have any interesting stories to be shared here. Or I guess my life is not that interesting to be a short novel here. I'm not saying that my life was interesting before. But there were so much to talk about back then when I was younger 😥 hahahhaaa. 

Luckily here got so many ears yang memang care about my happy, sad, angry, frustrated everyday life. Yaaaaa right, I am teacher now. So this is the start ofmy real adult life kannnn. Alhamdulillah. Please pray for my heart to always be kind to the kids. Well my everyday doa, it is. 

Well now I have to stop, so please pray that I will come here again later. see you soon.

Mucho love,
Munira 💓