Tuesday, 29 November 2011



aku suka bace buku yg aku beli haritu, "La Tahzan" ataupon, "Jangan Bersedih" atau, "Don't Be Sad"..

choose one!!

the words make me think.. and I know that I should give myself time to think about life.. petik sikit kate-kate dalam buku ni,

if u are stricken by poverty, others are chained in debt.. 
if u don't have shoes, others have no feet.. 
if u feel pain now, others have been aching for years.. 
if ur son dies, others have lost many.. 
if u have sinned, then repent.. 
if u have comitted a mistake, correct it.. 
the doors of repentance are ever open!
the fountain of forgiveness is ever rich..

so, don't be sad! 

let all bygones be bygones..
what is predestined for u, u shall see it..
being sad will not change anything..

so, don't be sad!

sadness spoils your life.. destroys your happiness..
and turns it into wretchedness.. 

so, don't be sad!

supplication is your shield! prayer is your beacon!
prostration is your means!

so, don't be sad!

see how vast is the earth! how nice are the gardens and forests!
how bright are the stars!
all are happy, but u are sad!

so, don't be sad!

u have sweet water to drink! fresh air to breathe!
feet to walk with! u sleep safely in your bed! so why be sad?
every cloud has a silver lining!
after long nights, come the bright sun..
life will soon give u a smile! so, be ready to get it!

and don't be sad! 

real life is that spent in happiness!
so cross out your sad days from your age!
peace of mind is the real treasure!
sorrow avails not!

so don't be sad!


p/s : aku gembira sebab aku rase harini aku dah menjalankan kerja aku dengan baik.. Alhamdulillah.. ^_^ 

p/s : look at me and then only u know how to be happy.. hahaa.. ok, i'm kidding.. lol !

I miss Little London, ceyhh..yeke?hahaha


Sunday, 27 November 2011


Ya Allah,
we have destroyed the better part of our life with sins.. forgive us Ya Rabb!!

I sat and stared at myself alone.. apparently I was always put a condition before doing worship to Allah.. I for the conditions, only a certain time I obeyed.. I for the conditions, only certain people I respect.. I for the conditions, only certain prayers my time right.. I for the conditions, only when the trouble would I expect a full prayer.. As if  Allah is a slave, and I was in charge. Then, I'm thinking, if Allah gives me the conditions ; if I do pray with devotion, then only be nourished, If I donate, then only I can see.. And many more.. so, what will happen to me if I fail to meet those conditions? Allah loves us.. How Allah loves us very much... remember that!

so, same-same lah kite bermuhasabah.. jangan suka meletakkan syarat sebelum melakukan ibadah kita kepada Allah.. insyaAllah ibadah kita akan diterima.. Amin..


p/s : this is first and foremost addressed to myself..

p/s : credits given to my friend, Yusairah, to shared this to me.. but, i'm sorry, I have translated it into the English version.. yeah, in order to improve my english.. 


Saturday, 26 November 2011


Salam maal hijrah semue.. :)

okeh, nampak tak pic kat atas? haa.. kalau tak nampak tu, maknenye korang rabun... so, sile buat spek.. maaf..aku tak jual spek..hehehe.. ecely, aku bubuh gambo tu sebab sekarang neh aku keje part time kat booth celcom.. booth yg bertempat di dalam Ampang Point, Ampang.. kire mall la tu.. hahaa.. sungguh pelik kerane aku mmg tak pernah berkerje.. ni pon aku ikut member.. 

saje la cari pengalaman.. diorang nak bayar berape aku tak kesah.. yg penting lumayan dan berpatutan.. hehee.. so, x perlu aku sebut berape gaji nye.. keje sebagai sales girl.. promoter la an.. haishh.. bukan senang.. tapi, kire oklah.. time ni la nak gune kan kelebihan berkomunikasi neh..hehee.. 

macam2 jenis pelanggan.. yg dari luar negare ade..dalam negare apatah lagi.. ermm..disebabkan aku neh belajo TESL, aku pon mempraktikkan la ape yg aku belajo, so, aku belatih2 la berkomunikasi dengan customer yg suke sgt cakap bahase inggeris..hahaa.. aku takde la fasih sangat, tapi, oklah setakat nak promote and terangkan ape yg ade kat celcom tu.. ^_^

ermm.. oklah..itu saje nak cerite.. aku ade byk story neh, tapi, malas nak menaip..wakakaka.. nanti lah ye kalau berkesempatan.. oklah, tataa.. take care..salam.. :)


p/s : harini alhamdulillah aku berjaye menjawab beberape persoalan ttg Islam yg disoal oleh rakan sekerje aku yg non-muslim.. soalan simple2 je lah.. aku neh bukan pandai sgt kalau nak jawab lebih2..hehe.. insyaAllah..

from Ampang,

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

There are many ways for us to do in order to get closer to Allah.. Subhanallah!! we should realize that Allah loves His slaves.. yea, us! When we come one step closer to Allah S.W.T , He comes to us at speed.. Subhanallah!

Today, I've learned something new from youtube.. yea, I mean, from someone's video in youtube.. I've found a few simple things that we can perform in oder to put ourself near to Allah.. InsyaAllah.. I'll put a few in my list below.. a few only lah.. because I'm not good in memorizing.. hahaa.. so, I'll share a few that I still remember.. :) 

1st : Put Allah first in your life.. whatever u are doing, whenever u are.. remember to put Allah first in your heart, in your life.. don't forget to perform your supplication.. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...

2nd : Broaden your horizons.. learn 5 new verses from the Quran everyday.. or we may also take up a booklet having supplications and read them.. so, we can feel that ourselves will always be near by Allah.. insyaAllah...

3rd : If someone says something mean ;to u, just shrug it off and dismiss it in a friendly, laidback manner, and pray that Allah shall forgive them.. amin..

4th : When we get angry, remember Allah, and how short and worthless life is to waste in being angry.. so, please be a patient.. learn how to control your emotions.. :) let us all try to stop ourselves from anger! 

5th : Remember that u can never have too many friend, but u can have few quality friends that help you fulfill the purpose of your creation.. live for Allah.. 

6th : When u are happy, try to share your happiness with others.. don't forget to thank Allah for that, and pray its continuation.. I think that our joy will be more meaningful if we shared with others.. am I right my dear readers? I know that it's true :)

7th : When something bad or embarrassing happens to u, just think that it could be worse, remember the reward of patience  and thank Allah that it's not worse than it is..

8th : Do something extra of goodness once in a while.. like feeding a poor person, or caressing an orphan's head.. Ya Allah! I never know and never thought that.. only by doing a very simple thing like that, then we will be rewarded! think.. 

9th : Never stop believing that u can win Allah's love and thus work for it.. Then u can win the love of Allah's slave.. Believe in Allah.. Allah The Almighty!

10th : Spend some time thinking of Allah's amazing creation.. everything in this universe are all Allah's creation.. Allah is The Creator of all.. Subhanallah!

11th : Every now and then, give yourself a break.. play sports, give time to your family, friends, but always remember Allah and watch that He is watching u..

12th : Pray for blessing to come to those being lost.. and pray to Allah  to guide them to the right path.. InsyaAllah.. 

13th : Smile to everyone, for your smile makes a big difference to him or her you are rewarded.. smile is a charity (sedekah) 

14th : Forgive, forget and smile.. let us all forgive and forget.. then only we can smile towards each other right? :)

15th : Never look down on anybody, for, to Allah, they may be better than u.. no underestimating.. we have our own advantages and disadvantages each.. so, don't be too proud.. don't look down on other people's ability..

there are too many things that we can perform.. it depends on us.. will do or not.. it's all our choice.. our lives, our choices.. think!


p/s : sharing is caring..so, I am what? yea, I'm caring.. hehe.. ok, kidding.. share this if u care.. :)

from KL with lots of loves,

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Kita jangan sangke semue orang tahu ape yg kite tahu.. jangan sangke semue orang pandai ape yg kite pandai.. sebab tu lah perlu nye cikgu kat dunie ni.. untuk mengajar.. bukan memandang rendah bile orang lain tak tahu ape yg kite tahu.. meant for ILMU especially..



P/S : jangan sangke diri kita tahu semue dan orang lain tak tahu ape2.. tq ..


#95 SIMPLE THING but...

S = Simple...

but it's hard for me to write it when I was a little girl.. ('_')

Tadi, dalam bas.. aku nampak 2 orang wanita, pakai baju kurung, bertudung molek.. alhamdulillah.. both of them pegang tasbih.. even ade beberape barang lain lagi yg diorang perlu pegang, tak menjadi masalah pon untuk diorang bawak tasbih.. dan.. berzikir...

see? how is it very simple for them to bring the tasbih and berzikir dalam bas.. then only i'm thinking about this.. it is very simple for us to do.. but, we didn't.. (refer to myself..ermm..)

it is simple..but.. we didn't... think about it my dear.. yeah, me too..need to think... 


p/s : mungkin kite tak sedar "sesuatu" tu senang nak buat.. sebab.. kite tak biasakan..


Monday, 21 November 2011

#94 C.U.T.I

Dah lambat ke untuk aku wish selamat bercuti?? haha..mungkin tak untuk kawan-kawan IPG... okeh, selamat bercuti!! pandai-pandai la jage diri belake ek.. kalau jatuh, bangun sendiri ye.. ('_')


seperti biase nye lah.. cuti yg diidam-idamkan neh mmg seronok.. tapi nye, itu time sebelum cuti lah.. bile dah dapat cuti neh, mule lah semue kecoh2 kat fb kate bosan lah takde ape nak buat.. or, biasenye, "makan, tido.. best nye.." eh, best pulak kalau yg begitu..hahahaa..

baru tadi member aku call .. borak la kejap dalam lebih kurang 15 minit mungkin.. kitorang pon duk buat forum melalui cell phone masing-masing yg takdelah canggih pon..(err, ini tidak penting kerane CELCOM menghubungkan kita..haha) forum gapo? ok, Forum Hal Ehwal Cuti Semester...

berdasarkan forum tak bertauliah bersama kawan aku sebentar tadi, rasenye cuti kitorang same je.. haha.. dan tak mustahil kalau org lain pon same jugak aktiviti masa cuti ni.. yelah, tengok tv, tak payah ON, hadap je tv tu..haha.. menonton actually..and, mcm biase, basuh baju..hah, mesin yg basuh..manfaatkan teknologi.. online, bagi yg ade broadband dan sambungan internet di rumah..begitulah secare ringkasnye..

seperti biase, cuti memang sgt sesuai untuk pasangan-pasangan yg nak kahwin..okeh, silekan.. aku tolong meraikan majlis anda, meraikan dgn care mengisi perut dgn makanan2 yg dihidangkan.. wahhs..berat badan akan meningkat nampaknye..oh, tak kesa pon! hahaa..

tapi, baru 3,4 hari cuti, dah merungut bosan.. teruk betollah.. time belajar, sebok nak cuti, dah cuti, sebok nak kerah otak..belajar kununnye... manusie mmg begitu.. aku pon manusie, tahulah! hahaa.. tapi, jgn la duk pikir sgt bosan tu.. byk bende berfaedah kite bole buat sebenarnye.. antare nak dengan tak je..

so, bagi yg rajin, cari lah keje..yg tak rajin, mcm korang2 lah kan, aku rajin! hahaa..ok, kidding..hehee.. yg tak rajin nak keje tu, sile lah jadi assistant sepenuh mase mak ayah korang..bantu ape yg patut.. boleh kan? mestilah.. nak jadi anak mithali kan semue? so, ikhlaskan hatimu wahai anak muda!!..hehee..

bole paham? ke tak puas hati dgn cadangan sederhana bernas aku neh? kalau agak2 tak puas hati, cadangan seterusnya dari aku ielah,  melancong!! wahhhs..best2.. ke mane2 pon bole, rasenye tak perlu lah sampai ke Palestin pulak, takut nanti jadi mangse tahanan, tak pasal2 masuk TV.. kalau nak femes, takpelah.. ~ ~

paling-paling bosan sgt pon, pergi lah melawat sahabat handai.. tanye2 khabar ape salahnye.. bagi yg jenis kurang peramah a.k.a tak berape nak ade kawan, boleh je nak melawat aku..hehe.. kalau aku pon korang tak sudi melawat, takpe.. silelah melawat ZOO..dapat jugak lah buat sesi mengenal haiwan dgn adik-adik dan ahli keluarge... wakakakaa (bace dalam hati ok, jgn gelak mcm ni)

selain itu, korang juge bolehlah melawat sekolah2 pondok ataupon tahfiz yg berdekatan dgn rumah korang.. haa, ini menarik.. insyaAllah.. cuti2 neh boleh jugak lah nak timba ilmu sikit2 kan.. walaupon sikit, tapi ilmu bergune sampai bile2..

err.. cadangan akhir sebelum entry ni tamat ielah... menghadap muka buku! ok, yg ni aku tahu, kalau pon aku tak cadangkan, korang dah buat..haha.. biaselah, zaman IT neh, tak perlu disuruh kalau bende2 camni.. tahu sendiri je kan.. anak jiran aku neh ha, start darjah 2 dye dah ade account FB.. ish ish ish...

Aku & FB?
- aku sedar yg aku perlu kurangkan aktiviti FB-ing aku.. hahaa.. even it is impossible for me to stop FB-ing.. x mungkin! cume, aku nak kurangkan sahaje..bukan nak stop terus.. hehe.. sebab, mcm2 ade kat FB..so, takut jugak kalau ter'like or ter'share bende yg salah and x sepatutnye.. haishh.. mak aku pesan, jgn salah gune kemajuan internet.. haa.. ingat tu adik2!! hehee..

okelah, pertimbangkanlah cadangan2 cuti aku tu ek.. insyaAllah, tak mati lah anda dek kerane kebosanan musim cuti panjang..hehe..



p/s : CUTI yg membosankan ni lah yg kite nak sangat kan.. so, manfaatkan lah.. bukan selalu dapat cuti panjang.. setahun sekali je kawan2 ooii.. so, take good care of yourself ok.. jgn buat bende bukan-bukan.. ok, take care.. salam....

D' house,



kadang aku rase aku terlalu banyak mebuang masa.. kadang seperti aku sendiri yg memilih untuk melangsaikan tuntutan hati yg mahu membuang masa.. bile aku sedar ie tak bermakne, then I can't do anything bout it.. sebab, we can't change the past.. let it be a history..history of my life..

aku anak muda.. masih mencari diri, perhaps.. always trying to do so many things.. and I can't deny when they say remaja sangat suke berhibur.. tapi, masih aku bersyukur bila diri masih sedar batas-batas berhibur.. masih sedar had yg sepatutnya.. Alhamdulillah!

kadang aku rase, masih byk yg perlu aku belajar.. tapi, kemalasan masih dalam diri, selalu! ilmu dunia, ilmu akhirat, semua aku kene cari.. tapi, aku hanya manusie yg memang mudah mengadu penat, kononnye.. penyakit malas, suke bertangguh.. mungkin itu yg menghalang.. dan itu semue, mungkinnnnn . . .

kadang aku rase byk sgt perkare salah yg dah aku buat.. tapi masih endah tak endah untuk merenung kembali.. ape yg menghalang? siape yg menghalang? diri sendiri.. diri yg sentiase mahu perubahan, tapi tidak berani.. dihantui dgn cakap-cakap org.. kate-kate yg mungkin tak sepatutnye aku endah.. biarkan mereka! itu yg sepatutnya.. mungkin. . .

aku, lihat dunia dengan cara aku sendiri.. buat baik dibalas baik.. buat jahat, dibalas dgn yg sepatutnya.. sometimes I feel like going to the sky, flying like a bird.. I wanna see the world from the above side.. dunia yg sgt indah, dipenuhi lautan manusie.. yg bermacam-macam kerenah.. mungkin ade yg same mcm aku, atau ade yg lebih bernasib baik.. mungkin ade yg kurang bernasib baik..

PENGALAMAN.. itu yg perlu aku cari.. barulah hidup ade erti.. kalau tak, aku manusie yg membuang mase.. REDHA.. dari Yang Maha Pencipta..seeking for His bless.. itu aku wajib!

kemampuan, kekurangan, keistimewaan.. semue berlainan pada setiap manusia.. tapi, yg sama adelah kewajiban untuk memanjatkan kesyukuran pada Yang Maha Esa.. kehidupan yg penuh warna.. itu indah! kurnian dariNya! aku patut bersyukur.. Alhamdulillah..


tak pasti kenape semue ni yg aku taip.. tapi, itu yg ade dalam otak aku sekarang.. I love to think.. bcoz, thinking makes me realize that I'm so lucky to have so many things around me..

at home,

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

#92 THINKING . . .

hello guys and girls.. readers and followers...

I'm very happy as the examination week is over! (only for my class).. so, it seems like nothing will interrupt my bed time! hahaa (i cannot lie bout this thing..hehee) so, i was just giving time for my body to rest..(overslept actually) refresh and as a result, I'm happy and relax! it's good :) counting my day to go home.. ermm, best!

oh, my beloved sister is still in her SPM week.. pray for her success

I love to spend my time thinking about life.. yea, I think everyone should do this.. every day! and just now, I was thinking about the connection between mind and action.. ok2, we have learned about it in Science actually..

but, what I want to share is not about something to do with that scientific thingy.. (because i'm not really expert in science..hehe) I just want to emphasize about our way of thinking.. are you able to think? yes! ok, u are normal.. hehee..      

we sometimes tend to let our mind thinking negatively.. why? do you ever realize that our way of thinking influence our actions? yes it is.. it is simple for us to understand actually.. as what people always say, "you can if you think you can!" and.. yes, I'm totally agree with that..

I tried to imagine myself as a little girl who is in process of learning to cycle.. it is not easy for a child to cycle if they are not used to.. they probably thinks, "kite tak boleh la bawa basikal,kite takut jatuh" or rather thinks, "kite tak pandailah bawak basikal, nanti jatuh,eee, x suke"(hahaa..that's a child would be).. see? do you get what I mean? if they set their mind with something negative, then they will not doing.. why? because they afraid of dropped from the bicycle..

pastu, bile diorang already on the bicycle, try nak bawak, and masih lagi thinking of probability yg diorang akan jatuh, then, takde la keberanian untuk diorang mengayuh basikal tu.. dah tak yakin, jatuh lah..

let's say if that little-cute-girl think like this, "kene belajar bawak basikal ni, kawan-kawan boleh,saye pon mesti boleh" ..haa..that's how a positive one would think in her mind.. just say that u can and you want, then u will do it even if whatever happen.. If u say that you can do it, your confident level akan bertambah.. very confident la I can say.. simple right?

ok, I know.. above is only one of the examples.. I give u all a very simple one as it will make it easier for u to understand about what I really meant to say.. same thing goes for me.. in my case, I want to improve my English language.. but, if I always think about what people would say about my writing (about my bad grammar), then I'll never post this entry right? and also a few English post of mine before..

guys, people can say anything about us.. there's no one can stop their mouth.. so, I don't think that I need to listen to them and just keep my words (my blog post) sampai jadi pekasam whereas it is my right to determine what should I do in order to improve my English.. if I keep my mind thinking about what people would say about my writing, there will be no courageous for me to write my entries in English.. agree with me? smile if u do.. hahaa..

so, my dear friends... think positive.. if u let your mind thinking negatively, it will influence your actions to do the wrongs.. if u think positively then u know how's great a positive thinking is.. :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Peace be upon u all my dear readers....

say : Happy birthday to MUNIRA ANUAR!! 
(yeah, she's me! hehe)

ok guys and girls!! today I'm a NEW MOON.. hahaa...bcoz today is my birthday.. terime kasih kepade kawan2 yg wish my birthday tak kirelah kat FB or sms me or called me.. I'm glad! your du'a is more than enough as for my birthday gifts (ok, ade "s" plural ok!) hahaa..

my date of birth which is falls on 13th November.. ya, I really don't care bout the "tarikh cantik" yang they are all very busy talked about kat FaceBook tu ; 11/11/2011.. bcoz, I really love my birthdate this year, 13/11/11.. also cantik what.. huewhueww...

today I'm 19! Alhamdulillah.. all my praises be to Allah.. for every single things He gave without me need to pay.. and I know, The Almighty Allah has given me something very precious in this world.. it is LIFE.. life is a field where I was taught to give thanks.. until today, I'll always pray that Allah will bless all things that have been given to me.. insyaAllah.. amin..

hope that I have the strength to live the rest of my life with good deeds.. may Allah simplify everything for me.. and I ask Allah to give opportunity for me to be a good daughter for my parents who has been educating and nurturing me.. strengthen my faith to you O Allah.. may all the best thing will be around me..

Thank You Allah for everything! 

p/s : tq to my frens yg celebrated my birthday even korang sambut awal sikit kan.. I really thank you all :) I love the cake.. I love u all.. and, 1 more thing, seronok 3G dgn my adik tadi..hahaa..

from me, birthday girl ,
Munira Anuar

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Peace be upon us... :)

I'm alone in my room, waiting for my roommate.. today is a very lonely day I bet.. no one is here with me and that's why I was just lay in my bed.. thinking of taking a nap.. oh, no! I really can't..haishh, mane la roommate neh..lambat bona laa...

I forced myself to do some revision as the examination is just around the corner, yes, tomorrow to be precise! time rajin, rajin lah, time malas, bukan setakat study, nak turun beli makanan pon malas..hahaa.. but, u know what? my pleasure to do the revision.. errr.. I don't think I'm serious.. hahaa..

teringat zaman "muda-muda" ~ zaman sekolah ~

ok, talking about my school time, it is automatically make me recall about my amazing time where I was sailing together with a few friends from the different country, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor, Melaka, Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan.. and a few MR.NAVY yg handsome! hahaa.. it should be lah! I was very enjoyed! it is when I was a 5th former.. how I really missed that moment!

Aku salah sorang daripada 4 peserta yg mewakili Pahang untuk Pelayaran KLD Tunas Samudera Voyage 238/09...


brader2 Navy yg handsome tu kire macam facilitator la time tu.. yeay! lebih kurang 11 hari aku kat sane.. 2 hari latihan pusat di Pusat Kokurikulum Perak, kitorang dilatih dengan water confident, wall climbing, rock climbing..best!berkayak hampir 1 jam, huh, lenguh! best gilerh..hari2 yg selebihnye, kami berade di atas kapal..

Kapal Layar Diraja Tunas Samudera


I don't know hot to tell u all about how was my feeling at that moment.. kegembiraan yang sangat berbeza because I'm on the ship at that time, sailing u know! bukan senang beb nak dapat naik kapal kan.. ya, I'm so lucky to have been there for even once in my life :) sile jealous! hahaa..

1st day on the ship, ramai yg mabuk laut.. Alhamdulillah, aku tak!pelayaran bermule, crew Majalah 3 joined! they recorded & snap a few pictures of us.. waahh, cantik gilos Nurul Shuhada Nurul Ain, pengacara M3 tu..hehe..dapat la salam2 & borak2 sikit dgn die.. hehe.. cantik!

majoriti peserta, semue mabuk laut, so, sgt teruk..baru aku tau mcm mane teruknye org mabuk laut.. 10 minit sekali muntah.. huh, nasib baik aku tak.. ops, adelah sekali aku muntah, bukan sebab mabuk laut, cume, tak tahan dgn bau toilet dlm tu..yela, tak biase kan.. tapi, makan kat atas kapal sedap! makanan laut setiap hari, udang, ketam, sotong.. erm.. ayam pon ade jugak.. n then, makanan2 ringan yg akan diberi untuk setiap 3 or 4 jam.. hehe..

disebabkan aku tak mabuk, aku mkn banyak! sebab aku sgt mementingkan kesihatan, kalau aku tak makan, takde tenage, so mcm mane nak hidup beberape hari atas kapal kat tengah laut tu?? sorry la kawan2 yg mabuk laut, bahagian korang pon Tuan Amran bagi kat aku..hahaha..yup, Tuan Amran ni kire ketue la time tu..huhuu.. he's one of my unty's friend.. my Maksu is one of Leftenan Komander Navy kat Pangkalan TLDM Lumut mase tu..


just look at the pic above pon u all dapat rase yg atas kapal sangat panas kan.. mmg takde bumbung la kat bahagian atas kapal..tengah laut plak tu..takde nye pokok2 tempat berteduh..hahaa.. sebab tu muke kitorang semue terbakor lepas balik tu.. :p tapi takpelah, untung2 dapat jugak belajar kawad atas kapal.. hehee..

and, nampak tak tali2 kat dalam gambar tu, haa, kitorang kene hafal semue name tali2 tu..tali tu merupekan tali layar yg kat atas tu, if ade pertukaran arah angin, kami kene tarik la tali layar tu untuk menukar arah layar.. susa jugak tau! nak2, aku yg badan agak kecik ini ketike itu..hahaa.. sgt mencabar kekuatan tangan dan badan!! kitorang kene panjat tiang layar yg tingginye agak2 10 kaki jugak la..itu yg plg rendah, nak lagi tinggi? x berani aku! dgn angin yg kencang2 tu..hahaaa..

dalam keadaan peserta2 yg majoritinya mabuk laut, kami tetap kene teruskan pelayaran.. setiap hari dipenuhi dgn mempelajari selok belok di atas kapal dan mengenal peralatan2 di ats kapal..everyday ade 'happy hour' di mane kami perlu bersihkan persekitaran kapal, menggilap setiap tembage kat ats kapal tu..hahaa.. then, kitorang akn jogging, atas kapal ok! tengah laut kan.. had our breakfast then.. sambung pelajaran2 tertentu.. :)

start pukul 12 malam, setiap kumpulan akan bertugas sebagai watcher ; memerhati kalau2 ade kapal2 lain atau ape2 yg pelik kat laut tu..huhuu.. ade jugak yg kene bawak kapal.. haa, as for my group, I was the 1st one yg bawak kapal..ceyhh terer kan?hahaa,,sbb time tu member2 sume mabuk laut.. time tu baru tau bearing2 n ape segale yg blajar dlm geografi tu sgt bergune.. perasan ketike bawak kapal? huh, sangat best, tapi kadang2 cuak bile angin kuat, sebab kapal akan jadi senget kalau kite salah control nye...kene berani and confident!

time tu jugak la ade yg kene tolong buat kopi la, wat announcement la, piping, dan aku bertuah kerane dipilih oleh Tuan Amran utk dibawe bersiar siar dalam kawasan kapal tu untuk mengenal senjate2..haha.. mcm2 jenis senapang, pistol.. berpeluang gak la pegang bende2 tu semue walaupon agak berat.. fuhh! tak tido sgt la atas kapal, 1 hari mungkin dalam 2 or 4 jam je dapat tido...


I've learned so many things.. especially, level of confident..ini baru betol pengalaman.. and, tak mandi pon tau time belayar..haha.. ok2, time kapal tengah belayar je lah.. bile dah stop, mandi ler..sebab nye, air yg dibekalkan ats kapal semase belayar di khaskan untuk memasak, jd, kene kurangkan mandi..wakakaa.. same2 tak mandi, sembur la perfume masing2.. 

hampir 10 hari belayar, kami pon sampai ke Pangkalan semule..tp, wait! belum balik, kami ade lawatan ke sekitar kawasan pengkalan TLDM Lumut..berpeluang melawat kapal perang! waww.. pastu kami ke kompleks sukan kat sane.. bersukan la pulak..main macam2..only then I know how's their life as a NAVY there.. seronok! berdisiplin! kemas! rajin! bersih!

sampailah hari kedua last kitorang atas kapal tu, ade majlis penutup.. I was very glad! sebab org lain dapt 1 sijil..tapi aku and 2 lagi peserta dapat 2 sijil..hehe.. 1 sijil penyertaan.. 1 lagi sijil pelatih terbaik! haha..nak kate hebat tu, takdelah..cume, aku sangat berbangge! cis, macam belagak kan?hahaa.. walaupon 2 minggu aku tertinggal pelajaran, tapi, aku rase berbaloi lah kan bile diberi penghargaan macam tu..

sepanjang tempoh kem pelayaran tu, aku dapat pengalaman yg baru.. aku belajar erti kerjasama.. please do not let ur group members alone.. tolong mereke.. aku belajar berdikari, yg mana aku tahu, kalau kite tak pandai menyesuaikan diri dgn org lain yg berbilang bangse dan agame, kite sampai bile2 pon takkan dapat get along dgn mereke...

plus, jgn berkire kalau nak buat ape2 tugas.. kalau berkire, tak jd keje lah..in addition, tanam sifat berani dalam diri..ye, berani! itu paling penting..confident level, mesti tinggi! berani berhadapan dgn risiko, berani membantah sekiranya anda di pihak yg benar, berani bersuare memberi cadangan, berani mengaku kalau buat salah...

not that we need to be like a military members,disiplin kan, but, u just need to be like u are very care about everything.. I mean like, jgn lepaskan sesuatu yg mungkin hanye sekali dalam seumur hidup kite.. take part! just feel free to speak out and ask anything..don't be like too shy to speak..

and the important thing is, do perform ur prayer anywhere u are.. walaupon kami kat atas kapal sembahyang sambil kapal yg bergoyang-goyang ditiup angin yg sentiase bertukar arah.. don't forget to do ur du'a.. ask for Allah's help.. may Allah bless us.. kite kene kuat semangat! kene kuatkan hati! insyaAllah..

how I really miss the memories with them!! hope to be there again.. gathering maybe with my shipmates .. miss them all very much.. 

that's all from me.. tataa.. salam..


p/s : pic tak banyak di upload di atas sebab2 tertentu..so, hope u all readers dapat la gambaran mcm mane atas kapal dgn membace ayt2 yg penat aku karang tu..hahaha.. peace yawww!!

I'm very serious when I said I miss to see them all again.. :)