Wednesday, 16 November 2011

#92 THINKING . . .

hello guys and girls.. readers and followers...

I'm very happy as the examination week is over! (only for my class).. so, it seems like nothing will interrupt my bed time! hahaa (i cannot lie bout this thing..hehee) so, i was just giving time for my body to rest..(overslept actually) refresh and as a result, I'm happy and relax! it's good :) counting my day to go home.. ermm, best!

oh, my beloved sister is still in her SPM week.. pray for her success

I love to spend my time thinking about life.. yea, I think everyone should do this.. every day! and just now, I was thinking about the connection between mind and action.. ok2, we have learned about it in Science actually..

but, what I want to share is not about something to do with that scientific thingy.. (because i'm not really expert in science..hehe) I just want to emphasize about our way of thinking.. are you able to think? yes! ok, u are normal.. hehee..      

we sometimes tend to let our mind thinking negatively.. why? do you ever realize that our way of thinking influence our actions? yes it is.. it is simple for us to understand actually.. as what people always say, "you can if you think you can!" and.. yes, I'm totally agree with that..

I tried to imagine myself as a little girl who is in process of learning to cycle.. it is not easy for a child to cycle if they are not used to.. they probably thinks, "kite tak boleh la bawa basikal,kite takut jatuh" or rather thinks, "kite tak pandailah bawak basikal, nanti jatuh,eee, x suke"(hahaa..that's a child would be).. see? do you get what I mean? if they set their mind with something negative, then they will not doing.. why? because they afraid of dropped from the bicycle..

pastu, bile diorang already on the bicycle, try nak bawak, and masih lagi thinking of probability yg diorang akan jatuh, then, takde la keberanian untuk diorang mengayuh basikal tu.. dah tak yakin, jatuh lah..

let's say if that little-cute-girl think like this, "kene belajar bawak basikal ni, kawan-kawan boleh,saye pon mesti boleh" ..haa..that's how a positive one would think in her mind.. just say that u can and you want, then u will do it even if whatever happen.. If u say that you can do it, your confident level akan bertambah.. very confident la I can say.. simple right?

ok, I know.. above is only one of the examples.. I give u all a very simple one as it will make it easier for u to understand about what I really meant to say.. same thing goes for me.. in my case, I want to improve my English language.. but, if I always think about what people would say about my writing (about my bad grammar), then I'll never post this entry right? and also a few English post of mine before..

guys, people can say anything about us.. there's no one can stop their mouth.. so, I don't think that I need to listen to them and just keep my words (my blog post) sampai jadi pekasam whereas it is my right to determine what should I do in order to improve my English.. if I keep my mind thinking about what people would say about my writing, there will be no courageous for me to write my entries in English.. agree with me? smile if u do.. hahaa..

so, my dear friends... think positive.. if u let your mind thinking negatively, it will influence your actions to do the wrongs.. if u think positively then u know how's great a positive thinking is.. :)


syeedafabewlaz said...

hihi,,aku skong kau mun :D

Munira said...

hehe..aku mmg la suke bile kau sokong2 aku neh shida ooi..huehehe ^_^