Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Assalamualaikum and peace be upon u for my non-muslim friends..

Hi my dear friends.. to my roommate especially.. thank you for being with me everyday in our small but comfortable room.. it is enough for us to lead a wonderful life here.. :) love u!

All praises be to ALLAH!

When the words are waiting for me to write them out, then I need to come out with them.. where? ya, here supposedly!

I was just letting myself flew alone.. spent my time thinking about life.. it makes me realized that life is about so many things.. and there are too many things for us to appreciate.. (self-reflection)

here are a few things that we cannot change in life, so, please don't be so mengada ngada nak mengubah.. understand?? yes, thank you...

1st : Sex and gender
- ya, maybe u can change it by doing the surgery..but, it is still unable to change the spirit of respect..illegal ruling la my, accept yourself as u are either male or female ok..bersyukurlah..

2nd : Parents
- we must respect our parents in any way they are.. whether they are drunkard, prostitutes or robbers maybe and so on, remember that we still have to respect them.. but, we must provide them with advices and counsel without stopping.. 

p/s : I love my Abah and Mak :)

3rd : Date of birth
- it was already determined by Allah.. we really cannot choose the date by ourself.. Allah gave us what best for us.. so, never regret :)

4th : Physical form
- if your hair is curly, or maybe u have a fairly dark skin.. don't try to change it.. ya, either plastic surgery or shaved your eyebrows, it still looks odd and unnatural.. 

5th : The past
- never regretted with what had happened in the past.. take it as a lesson for the future..

6th : Position in the family
- our position as the eldest, youngest or middle will not be changed even if u feel the burden of responsibility as the eldest child...

7th : Races
- do not regret it if we are Malays, Javanese, Chinese or Indian.. as for the Malays, sometimes people would say that we are lazy, please do not regret it.. make it work to change these perceptions! so, do change our way of thinking my dear.. :)
p/s : kelebihan dan kekurangan yang ada pada diri kita adalah suatu keistimewaan yang mungkin hanya ada pada diri kita,dan bukan orang lain..

ops, no pictures for this entry coz I dunno which one suits this entry.. it's okay, can u please don't ask for the pic? just read it la! hahaa.. :p


Anonymous said...

pewiit~ mun 2..nice writting~ keep it on..~huhu

~cik atin~ said...

stuju2. btw aq suke yg no 6 2. he3

Munira said...

kpade ANONYMOUS ~ sile perkenalkan diri..hehe..

btw, thnkz for ur visited.. i'll try to keep it up! huhuu.. :)

Munira said...

CIK ATIN ~ hehe..mmg patut setuju pon.. ya, no 6, position in family..kui3..

Mr RileX said...

hahahahahahaahahaaha (xtau nak kata ape)

Munira said...

MR RILEX ~ mengade betol lah..hahaha

Ati Masrif said...

betui2 ..


Munira said...

ATI MASRIF ~ hehe.. btol kan.. :)