Saturday, 21 March 2015

#175 stress


It is hard you know being a person like me. Hahaaa

I am stress but my face showed that i'm not. It's not that i'm not happy with my ability to keep myself a peaceful kind of person, it is just that sometimes I think I acted peacefully and caused people think that I am ok to be kidding with. 

This is not a problem. But it is a problem. Hahahaa. Though it is not important for others to know about my problem, but still I want them to have some respect to my emotional conditions. 

For example, I am super worried about my assignments till I cannot even think about other things. Then, people should have not throw jokes to me. Because i'm being serious thinking about my assignments. Haa contoh laa. Ni contoh ringan je ni. Hahaaa

So, people, please have some respect towards other people feelings and emotions. Because it's a matter of unseen disease u know. It's hard to pretend that your condition is under control but actually it is not as it seems. 

Ok, to test your understanding. I have a question based on my bebelan pendek kat atas : 

Adakah saya stress?

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