Monday, 18 June 2012

#122 What's on your mind, Munira?


ok, kalau kat FB , akan ade tulis what's on your mind kan kat tempat nak update status.. hahaa.. so, aku pinjam la sikit ayat nye sebab nak buat tajuk entry.. hohoo..

so, What's in my mind now? yea, there are :

my Abah, happy father's day.. u are the best men in the world.. u are the greatest gift that i ever had in my life.. i'm so grateful to have u around.. may Allah bless and protect u always.. wish that u will always be in a good health.. angah sayang abah ! :)

and also :

dear my friend..
u are like a sister to me.. yea, a BIG SISTER.. ( haha. think that u r bigger than me :p ) hahaa.. tq for always stay by my side to listen whatever i'm telling.. and tq for being a very gud supporter and adviser.. when i feel very sad, i told u everything, bcoz i know that it will helps me a lot to feel calm.. when i am feeling happy, also, i'll text u and tell that i'm happy, and share the happiness wit u.. tq  BIG sister :)  hahaa 


~cik atin~ said...

ok. aq xtaw nak komen ape. tp yg pastinye aq sangat terharu bace entry yg ni. ha3

Munira said...

hehe.. Cik Atin , my BIG SISTER ..kehkehkeh.. time kasih cik atin :) huhuuu